Remote Control Building Blocks Track Car APP Model Programming


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528+ high-quality granular building blocks, invested in millions of precision abrasives

A variety of styling, in addition to 15 minutes of quick-built auxiliary styling and simulation tracked vehicle main shape, but also compatible with a variety of changing styling, app continued monthly styling update;

APP-style map, reduce local maps, more animation interactions make the construction no longer boring, more design Alpha wave background sound helps build focus;

Medal system, original programming medal system, bring fun learning and play experience, complete the challenge, get the honor medal

Remote control driving, unlocking rewards, APP racing allows children to play, one-handed, gyroscope, drifting acceleration, etc.

The car body structure is carefully designed, stableļ¼Œracing, obstacle avoidance and even impact without worry;

App officially keeps updating, letting children fall in love with programming, and more sensor programming expansion packs and speed and passion series products are launched one after another, which is convenient for advanced and extended.

Package Includes:

1x Building blocks

528x building blocks kit

1x USB charging cable


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